Reface Mod APK v3.27.1 [Unlocked everything] – May 2023

Reface Mod APK

Reface is a top-rated Internet program that has millions of users worldwide. This is a wonderful app because it can change your entire look so you may wow your friends and family members with it.


Face swapping has recently been one of the most often discussed issues on social forums. Are you intrigued by this topic and eager to learn more? What are you waiting for, then? Reface is one of the most popular face-to-face conversion programs for photographs and videos currently available. With numerous exceptional features and regular updates, you will not be dissatisfied.

Additional Information

App Name Reface Mod APK
Genre Photography
MOD Info Unlocked Everything
Get it On
Google Play Store
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Platform Android
Requirement 7.0 and up
Overall Downloads 100,000,000+

Reface Mod APK Features:

Yes, replacing your face with another appears to be a simple notion, but Reface Pro Mod Apk is capable of much more. Here is what users enjoyed most:

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Be a superstar!

Who would have thought that merging your stunning eyes with Shawn Mendes’ lips would result in such a beautiful creature? However, you should avoid falling too deeply in love with that person, as your dreams can swiftly turn into nightmares.

Gender swapping

We’ve all awakened one day and pondered, “What would I look like if I were born as the other gender? “, “Would I be as gorgeous as I am now? “, “Would I finally have those long lashes I’ve always wanted? “, and “Would I have more partners if I were born differently?” Try the amazing gender change button of the AI to see for yourself.

Image animation

Creating a morphing monster/angel is one thing; being able to bring them to life is another. Holy crap, the possibilities are so awesome! You can now use the animator tool to offer the combination person you’ve brought to Reface Pro Mod Apk the ability to move. You will now get how Pinocchio felt!

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What good is a face swap if it cannot be shared with friends? Reface allows you to post your artwork on all social media platforms, allowing all of your friends to view your works.

Simplified Interface And Rapid Operation

Face-swapping allows users to produce works of art in a short amount of time and with a remarkable interface that is both distinctive and straightforward. The user’s only responsibility is to capture and record video; the application will handle the rest automatically. Due to this, the program is suited for both experienced and novice video editors.

Bring image to life

This is a fantastic feature since it allows you to bring an average image to life. That implies your image will respond to your commands, which is incredibly fantastic. It is the most impressive aspect of the Reface app because it provides so many exchanging options. You can simply adopt the charismatic character of any celebrity you like.

Free to download

This is what makes a user happy upon learning that this program is available for download. This application can be downloaded to your mobile device effortlessly from the internet. This software has a large number of active users around the world because it is entirely free. In this version, you can access all of the app’s premium features without spending a dime.

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Completely Optimized

This program is little in size, which means you don’t need a lot of storage space for it and you can run it on any competent Android device. This application will never experience any lag because it is perfectly optimized. The app’s developers are continually adding new, useful features. In the most recent version of this software, all issues have been eliminated, ensuring that it will work flawlessly on your smartphone.

Make gif and videos

You may create awesome videos with its awesome capabilities. As it contains numerous amusing and cool characters, you can build your own videos. This application provides instant access to all of its capabilities, so there is no need to wait. This app has no restrictions on the number of gifs and videos that you can create. Additionally, the Reface app allows you to share your material immediately from within the app, eliminating the need to leave it. These top features are difficult to find in a single app today.

Intelligent Equipment And Characteristics

Particularly, users do not need to worry about their face not matching the image they like to graft because the application can properly balance and adjust every aspect of your face and the outcomes. Utilizing color effects to create the most comprehensive and realistic work possible. Make your goal of being famous come true with this new smart feature, which makes it difficult to discern between real and fraudulent content.

Save To Device Quickly

After completing the desired work, you can download it entirely to your computer at any moment. Depending on the length and quality of the animated GIFs and videos you choose to download, the download time may be quick or slow. This problem may also be solved in a few easy steps; first, click the download button; then, the screen interface will display two forms, including video and GIF; users must click on the secondary structure. Excellently fit.

Introduction To A Number Of Characters

With access to hundreds of films and bright GIF images, users can pursue any persona they like, including world-famous celebrities, Marvel superheroes, and other renowned actors and models. In addition, to simplify the search process for consumers, Reface categorizes a variety of topics, including entertainment, music, sports, and many actions and horror films.

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