Implosion Mod APK v1.5.2 [Never Lose Hope]- May 2023

Implosion Mod APK

Implosion Mod APK – Twenty years after the destruction of Earth, the survivors of the human race face extinction once more. Now is the time to defend our existence. A mysterious life form known as the XADA confronts humanity’s final weapon, the War-Mech series III combat suit.


“Implosion – Never Lose Hope” is a place in 2201, when the Earth has been abandoned due to the invasion of violent aliens. Players will assume the role of Jacob Carloway, a teenage Warmech pilot who is among a group of humans escaping to the nearest planet in 2178 in response to an extraterrestrial onslaught. After twenty years, the inhabitants of the planet have learned about an impending Earth-based invasion, and the surviving inhabitants must now return to Earth to investigate and eliminate all adversaries.

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Additional Information

App Name Implosion Mod APK
Publisher Rayark International Limited
Genre Casual
MOD Info Unlocked Everything
Get it On Google Play Store
Platform Android
Requirement 4.1 and up
Overall Downloads 5,000,000+


Highly Straightforward Controls

The Implosion Never Lose Hope App features intuitive controls that make it suitable for both novice and experienced gamers. It boasts an ingenious control mechanism that allows you to concentrate on playing the game rather than fumbling with controls.

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The beauty is that everything comes effortlessly to your fingertips, so you will have no trouble mastering the app’s different tools. Even better, it incorporates a virtual joystick that facilitates character movement within the game.

Different Missions

As stated previously, you will have access to a variety of weapons in your struggle against the XADA menace. Each weapon’s distinct modes of operation render them unrivaled in terms of combat effectiveness. Some will shoot continuously, while others will unleash rockets that will explode upon collision. It is up to your discretion to determine how to utilize each weapon to win victory.

Incredible Visuals and Sound

With the Android app for Implosion Never Lose Hope, you’ll enjoy cutting-edge 3D graphics that make playing this game a delight. You will feel as if you are a part of the game, as opposed to simply playing it, due to the realistic quality of its pictures.

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In addition to this, the game features amazing sound effects that are consistent with its concept. When a maneuver is executed or a mission is completed, it adapts accordingly and emits the relevant sound.

A Vast Selection of Weapons at Your Disposal

The Implosion Never Lose Hope app for Android has a variety of weaponry you can use to complete your quest. Each one is distinct and appropriate for a variety of purposes.

You will find it fascinating that each weapon has its own attack pattern. All of these are powered by incredible energy, which gives this game its uniqueness. Additionally, all weapons can be upgraded utilizing the ARK Kernel system.

Changing The Control

Implosion is full of surprises; you will be overwhelmed by the mechanics of forming activities. At each turn of the battle, you will be confronted by numerous fearsome foes. They possess tremendous talents; therefore, you must exercise caution and avoid recklessness. In this game, you can also alter certain machine components and gaming activities. Even though the gameplay is server-dependent, players can easily alter the controls by observing the modification in the shop.

Amazing Orchestral Scores

In addition to the spectacular visuals and audio, you will also be treated to great symphonic compositions. These are prominent artists who have participated in various high-profile endeavors.

This game’s outstanding music contributes to its status as one of the best available. With a decent pair of headphones, you will be able to appreciate them much more.

The Journey Begins Once Again

After more than two decades of recovery, human existence is once again threatened with extinction. And the powers of darkness are pursuing humanity; all it takes is one error for the planet to be annihilated. And now is your opportunity to demonstrate the strength of you and your allies. Let’s wage war against evil and secure life for all. It is time for you to save the planet by starting a war.

Customize Attack Lamp

To have a chance to win as you progress through higher stages, you must comprehend the enemy’s offensive mechanisms. Combine with it to generate a counterattack that is ten thousand times more powerful, scaring the opponent and establishing your position. Additionally, players can evade their opponent’s strikes, defend effectively, and maintain their health. Simultaneously, the player should execute the most effective attack and quickly bring down the opponent.

Get Value Rewards

The motivation for completing Implosion’s levels is certainly the game’s valuable rewards. This is a level-based game, and if your level is higher and you do not rank with any of your opponents, you are eligible for all game rewards. If you wish to achieve the best score on a level, you can replay it. However, you will see your past scores, and they will only alter if your performance improves significantly.

Unlocked Skills And Weapons

In Implosion, you may have access to a vast arsenal of weaponry during combat. Your foes can also possess them, therefore you must win the fights and collect numerous important gifts. Occasionally, these are opportunities to upgrade the weapons you already possess. In addition, players can unlock a handful of abilities as they complete each level and advance to higher levels.


  1. Unlimited Money, Gems.
  2. Unlimited Diamonds.
  3. Unlocked Characters.
  4. High Dame.
  5. One-hit.

Unique Mode of the Implosion Mod Apk – Never Lose Hope

Offline Gameplay

The Implosion Never Lose Hope MOD APK offline provides free access to all in-app purchases within the game.

Multiplayer Mode.

Multiplayer mode is one of the best aspects of the latest edition of the Implosion – Never Lose Hope MOD APK. Thus, you can play with friends or other gamers from around the globe over Wi-Fi or the internet.

Aerospace Fighter.

You can pilot a highly advanced aerospace fighter and explore an uncharted extraterrestrial planet in Implosion Never Lose Hope.

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