VMOS PRO Apk v1.1.0 [Premium Unlocked] – May 2023


VMOS PRO Apk – Virtual Android allows dual systems to run on a mobile phone at the same time. In this mod, you will get all premium features unlocked.

Virtual Android is completely separate from the actual phone system. Any unsafe files or programs within Virtual Android cannot harm your real phone system, and VMOS Pro ensures that no applications in the virtual android may access your private data.


VMOS PRO-Virtual Android is separate from the phone system. Within Virtual Android, harmful files or apps can’t damage your phone system, and VMOS Pro ensures that apps can’t access your private data.

Additional Information

App Name VMOS PRO Apk
Publisher VMOS | App Cloner
Genre Tool
MOD Info Premium Unlock
Get it On Google Play Store
Platform Android
Requirement 5.1 and up
Overall Downloads 1,000,000+

VMOS PRO Features

Create a Fake Phone Environment

You have likely heard that Windows allows users to establish many environments and accounts. Thus, it is essentially identical to what you saw in Windows. Here, though, you have unrestricted access to the new Android environment, and the real and virtual environments run concurrently.

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Root Assistance

Without a doubt, rooting an Android grants access to numerous unlocked functionalities. Get Skateboards/Skins Unlocked, High, Long Jump is one example of a feature that can be used to facilitate gameplay. However, rooting may be risky for novice users, so you can test it in a virtual environment without impacting the actual device.

Multiple Logins and Applications

In the virtual environment, numerous app accounts can be used for free. Additionally, you can run two instances of thin on the same device. Sign in using your email address and other credentials in order to upload your data. You should try SwiftSave Pro Apk.

Simple Interface For Fast Configuration

The application’s user-friendly interface allows users to easily launch or prepare the required processes and programs for parallel execution. Additionally, user interaction is fluid and comfortable, allowing for unobstructed window navigation.

Dual Windows Operation For Multi-Tasking

The application’s primary capability is to permit the user to select two independent programs and run them in parallel in a variety of modes. Depending on the priority of the windows, the user can arrange them for optimal interaction, such as games on applications and vice versa.

Wide Range Of Windows’ Customization

In addition to allowing users to run two programs independently, each window is highly customizable. They mostly assist in adapting the interaction or display to the user experience of various individuals based on the programs they are employing.

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Customize The Shortcuts For Quick Access.

Users can customize any parallel operation-related system, including the prioritization of other key apps or programs. Through a little bubble at the edge of the screen, users can also modify the size of each window, symbolizing absolute flexibility.

Play Games Without Interruption

Even if the user minimizes a window, the system’s concurrent real-time operation allows everything to continue functioning. That enables all progress to continue, as normal, which is an efficient option for customers who wish to play while maximizing their time.

Safety protection

Independent virtual mobile phone systems, unrestricted by the actual machine system, can satisfy the needs of development and testing without the risk of viruses and system failures.

Root authorization

With root authorization, pre-installed XP framework, and Google mobile services, this phone is designed to fulfill the diverse needs of geek mobile phone enthusiasts.

All things floating window

Support any application’s floating window, and many apps can function simultaneously on the same screen.

App dual-opening

Dual-opening of games and applications, watching live broadcasts while playing games, chatting while playing games, smoother than cloud phones, and both work and life are supported.

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ROM system

The ROM system versions 7.1 and 5.1. Multiple virtual machines are supported.

Convenient surgery

With floating ball functionality, operation and switching are simple and straightforward.

Interactive display and disconnect

Support for changing the screen’s resolution and the ability to run in the background.

File transfer

The file transfer station facilitates the mutual cloning of real-world and virtual-world application files, so avoiding the need for laborious, recurrent installation.

VMOS Pro Apk Key Features

  1. File transfer.
  2. File transfer between the real machine and virtual machine.
  3. Don’t be afraid of large files.
  4. Custom settings.
  5. Customize virtual machine settings.
  6. System backup.
  7. System-wide data backup.
  8. Don’t be afraid to change your phone.
  9. privacy protection.
  10. Protect your privacy at all times.
  11. Start from the root.
  12. Running two social accounts on the same device.
  13. Various ROOT games are supportable.
  14. No influence on front desk operation.
  15. APP Background Running.
  16. Customizable Resolution.
  17. Easily hack online Battle Royale Games.

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