PK XD MOD APK 1.13.2 (Unlimited Money/Gems) Free Download – May 2023

pk xd mod apk

In PK XD MOD APK, you will get unlimited Money/Gems/Coins, And, also you get unlimited Clothes and it’s totally Ad-Free.


Interested in exploring this universe and joining millions of people around the world? Bring your fun to the next level!

With this interesting virtual world of PK XD, you can always have fun and enjoy your quality time online. Go on an adventure into the universe and play the amazing online game with friends and online gamers whenever you want. Participate in many hilarious and engaging games as PK XD allows you to simulate your real-life experience in the virtual world.

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The Android gaming community will have the chance to freely explore the awesome online world, where you can create your own avatar and interact with many virtual environments. Have fun exploring the awesome online world with a lot of activities and mini-games to play around with. Experience many interesting aspects of the game by exploring the open-world environments.

PK XD Features

Freely customize and personalize your avatars

If you are interested, you can easily create your in-game characters in PK XD and join the virtual world. Enjoy the liberating dress-up gameplay as you customize your looks with multiple clothes and accessories. Make your own avatar with your zombie, unicorn, witch, or dragon outfit. Play with unique items such as the monster slippers, incredible wings, cat masks, and other interesting props that can be collected and equipped on your characters.


You own this world! You can also try different activities besides exploring and facing challenges: relax on the floats, eat ice cream, jump high with the power-up, dance and have fun with your community!


A virtual pet will enhance your experience even more! You’ll find a wide variety of cute creatures in this game, ranging from common to rare. Take good care of them and watch how much they can grow!

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Your rules, your character! With all available items, you can become anything you wish: a monster, a cat, a ninja, a fashionista, a ninja, a fashionista, a fashionista, and many other items.

Play PK XD, an Android game for gamers who want something beautiful, dynamic, and unique without hassle? This game allows almost all tasks to be performed very easily. Additionally, you can enjoy the simplicity of this game in every aspect of gaming.

In the first place, it allows gamers to create their Avatar independently. You can customize it with your favorite emotions, clothing style, hairstyle, beard style, shoes, specs, and many more wearables! The modified version of this Avatar creation is available for free; just click the link below!


You will always enjoy very special moments when you stay with us! You can participate in our events like Halloween, Easter, and Christmas, with amazing decorations around the island, challenges, and themed items!


Describe how you would like your dream home to look. You are only limited by your imagination! You can find items like a Cloud Sofa, a Dance Mat, a Soft Mat, a Player Chair, Kitchen items, and Bathroom items.


Get your friends together and play the craziest mini-games. Wouldn’t it be fun to do a Crazy Run, break the record at the Pet Parade, or deliver pizzas to earn coins? Win all the challenges in Arcade!

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Epic 3D Graphics

A well-designed 3D graphics package is available with PK XD. Characters and elements in the game are well-designed. It is so colorful that it is mostly suitable for children. The effects are what make this game so amazing! Create your own community of fun-loving people!

Play a fantastic animated open-world game with hundreds of privileges

How many Android games did you download last decade? Yes, it was an animated game, a game with temporary storage and with the funniest graphics. You can even play these games for hundreds of hours without getting bored! Play PK XD – Explore and Play with your friends!

Anime fans who enjoy open-world games will find it the best recommendation. The game can be played on both Android and iOS smartphones and the online interface is free. The game is simplistic, where you create your avatar, build your house, evolve a pet, and play some minigames without any hassle. PK XD the game can be downloaded for free by clicking the below version!


Let’s build the game together! So we can offer the best experience, we want to hear everyone’s suggestions.


  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Ad Free
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Clothes

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