Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK v4.7.5 (Unlimited Energy) – May 2023

harry potter hogwarts mystery mod apk

In the harry potter Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk, playing this mod apk you will get Unlimited Energy, Gems and notebooks, and Free Shopping.

The Harry Potter series is not just a novel; it also provides inspiration for creators of mobile games such as Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, one of the top mobile games planned for 2018 Jam City and Warner Bros Interactive are supporting this game after the company released the Game of Thrones game.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk

Those who are fans of the world-renown fictional novel Harry Potter will now have the opportunity to get involved in the magical world. Discover the secrets in the Hogwarts Castle. As you begin your sorcerer apprentice journey, creating your own characters, joining Hogwarts Academy, and staying in the historic Hogwarts Castle.

You can learn your favorite magic, duel against your schoolmates, and meet some of the most famous characters in the series. Check out our reviews to learn more about this amazing game.

Hogwarts Academy is open for registration once again. It’s your chance to join this prestigious academy and become the wizard you’ve always wanted to be. Players will assume the role of a new Hogwarts student in the game. Experience your own wizard story in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

Harry Potter is too famous and too endless to discuss anymore. This novel is also a favorite of mine. There is no reason not to try the games on the subject. Furthermore, Pokemon Go Mod Apk one of the most adventurous game you should play. I know quite a few Harry Potter games. Electronic Arts owns eight games, while Warner Bros. owns Lego Harry Potter. Also available are Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup and Harry Potter Kinect.

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You will find all the exciting features of the game here:

Experience your own Hogwarts experiences

Fans of the world-famous book and movie series will experience the most authentic Hogwarts experience where you’ll discover all aspects of this amazing wizard school. Take part in many activities of the school to learn all the arts of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

It will take each student about seven years to complete their studies and graduate from this incredible school. Work hard as a student and learn all that you wished to learn, such as flying, magic fighting, potion brewing, and so on.

Customize your own characters

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery offers gamers the option to customize each character completely. You can pick everything you like and dislike about your characters here.

Have them wear different clothes, have different physics, hairstyles, eyes, noses, mouths, and of course, different genders.

Explore the art of magic and sorceries during your years at Hogwarts

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is the perfect place to learn the magical arts of sorcery and potions if you’re a fan of magic. Take different classes, learn about new magic, potions, spells, and practice a lot to hone your skills.

During your adventures in this wizard school, you will have the chance to meet many famous characters from the Harry Potter series. As you complete quests and missions, you’ll unlock new characters. Spend time learning spells, potions, and wizard skills so you can advance to the next level. There are also unique locations in the game that you haven’t even seen in the movies or books.

Choose your favorite Hogwarts house

You must already know how important it is to choose the right house since you are a student of Hogwarts. Decide if you’re a Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Slytherin, or Ravenclaw. You can learn everything there is to know about wizardry and become the master of them. To make things less scary for the new students, you’ll be able to select your preferred houses.

Get involved in epic adventures and solve the unsolved mysteries

You can surely guess from the name that the Hogwarts Castle is full of mysteries just waiting to be explored by some brave students. In this game, players will be able to use their magical skills to investigate strange incidents happening around the school. Your favorite spot will be the Cursed Vaults. Just look at the name. Doesn’t it seem intimidating?

Have yourself a long-lasting friendship with other students

Moreover, as a new student in the school, you will have the opportunity to meet many other students. It’s your perfect chance to meet new people who have the same dreams as you. Establish and strengthen long-lasting friendships and bonds of brotherhood. Befriend your fellow students and fellow housemates, participate in exciting group activities like the House Cup, and join epic quests along the way.

Free to play

Despite all the interesting features, the game is completely free. In light of this, Android gamers can easily install it on their devices for free. There are still some in-app purchases you might find annoying.

Have all the in-game contents unlocked with our mods

We are proud to introduce our mod version of the game to help you unlock all the locked content. All in-game contents are available here, as well as unlimited money to spend on anything you wish. All you need to do is download and install the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Mod APK. Follow our detailed instructions to ensure a successful installation.


In regards to the publisher of the game Jame City, we can be sure the products they bring are always tailored to the tastes and trends of the players. Throughout the game, players will enjoy the extremely vivid 3D graphics invested in character images.

Thus, players can experience the journey of incarnation into Harry Potter without entering Hogwarts when playing the game. The high image quality and engaging sound effects are what attract players to this game.

Whether it be costumes, magic tools, or small details, everything in the game is perfectly portrayed and adjusted with eye-catching colors. It should be creative and relevant to the publisher’s perception of the player.


The game’s design is based on the classic 1980s, giving players a sense that they are going back in time to enjoy the game to its fullest.

In contrast to the games released in the past, in this game, the publisher enlightens us with a different perspective. Despite being new, it maintains the integrity of the original story.

During the course of this game, the player transforms into a new student and overcomes difficult challenges to find his brother and investigate the cause of his brother’s disappearance. As a relatively new context, the game is exciting for the player.


Starting their journey as a witch, players choose one of four houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw. There will be different challenges at each house, and each one will have its own characteristics that draw players. After each mission, players will experience a different feeling.

Decide to learn and stick, adventure and discover the mysteries behind this witch school, and learn the most powerful spells on your own.


Students will explore secret rooms around the school and learn about mysteries they have never heard of before. Along with that, the player’s character will also attend magic classes taught by Professor Dumbledore, Snape … Along that, the player must complete complex tasks to unlock their new ability.

Magic Spells, Potions & More

  • Attend classes to learn and master magical skills like casting spells and brewing potions.
  • Unlock new characters, spells, potions, and locations as you advance through the years of Hogwarts.
  • Customize your student avatar.

Mystery and Adventure

  • Use your magical skills to investigate mysteries at Hogwarts.
    Discover the truth behind the Cursed Vaults and your brother’s disappearance in an all-new story.

Friendships that Matter

  • Bond with your housemates to win the House Cup.
  • Go on quests to help friends and fellow students…or frustrate rivals.
  • Earn respect and build relationships by adventuring together.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK features

  • Unlimited Energy.
  • Free Shopping.
  • Unlimited Gems.
  • Unlimited notebooks.

How to Install Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery MOD APK

Download and open Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery mod apk and follow game instructions and you can play now.

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