World Conqueror 4 MOD APK v1.5.8 (Unlimited Money) Download – May 2023

world conqueror 4 mod apk

World Conqueror 4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is the latest game in EasyTech’s World Conqueror series. In this mod, you will get unlimited money. This money is use to purchase items and some other things, Furthermore, you can unlock many features. You will fall in love with it if you love the strategy genre.

World Conqueror 4

Despite the passing of time, what the world war left behind remains. The pain of war is intense for those who stay, the economic collapse, the destructive nature of war… It is a senseless act, but it is also where the brightest generals show off their strategy abilities.

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Like other genres, tactical war games demand a lot of tactics from the player compared to other genres. Today, I will be talking about a fascinating war strategy game called World Conqueror 4, which is the latest installment in EasyTech’s World Conqueror series, one of the war game series that will fascinate any strategy fan.


In World Conqueror 4 you are a general who is in charge of the whole nation’s peace, it is a charming and realistic game set in the past. In the game, you won’t be assigned to a particular country; you will be led by different national armies depending on the missions. Occasionally, you will join the Allies, then lead the German army. As can be seen, the game takes military strategy to the next level.

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World Conqueror 4 is an interesting game in that, in addition to entertainment and tactical training, it also provides useful information about past battles in a clear and intuitive manner. You directly control battles. You will experience the same history as that army by controlling small groups of artillery, tanks, infantry, marines, etc.


There are two main modes in the game: campaign and conquest.

Campaign mode consists of a series of battles that are arranged from easy to difficult. The battle could be the battle of Stalingrad, Leningrad, the battle of Chan Chau, the battle of Dien Bien Phu … or possibly the battle that ended the war in Germany in Berlin. The battles are a return to history, showing the true strength of each nation’s army. Over 1000 campaigns will take you through 2 world wars, and a series of other battles in the past. The way EasyTech designed this mode, playing very well, is very impressive after trying two campaigns and going through three guides.

Conquer mode lets you create your own army leader based on a specific country on the map. If you choose this mode, you will have to negotiate with other nations, support allies, and conquer any country you want. AI technology controls the army you face, compared to World Conqueror 3, it is much smarter now, which makes it challenging if you want to win.

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Upgrade your army

Your army will require that you upgrade everything for it. You can increase the firepower of your army by upgrading tanks, buying new weapons, and buying ammunition. There are 175 military units in the game including tanks, infantry, sea battleships, rockets, nuclear weapons, and space weapons. You should also recruit powerful generals to support your army. If you are good at making strategy you should try Clash of Kings Mod Apk.

You will need money in the game to upgrade your army, which is earned when you complete outstanding missions. You can also gain greater strength for your army by earning medals in addition to showing your strategy level.

Graphics & Sound

Upgrades from the previous three versions are quite evident in terms of graphics. I find the graphics in the game quite comfortable, and the effects in the game look pretty and realistic. Some people say that the graphics of the game do not really stand out, but for me, the gameplay of World Conqueror 4 is enough to enjoy it.

World Conqueror 4 MOD APK

  • 50 countries, 230 renowned generals, 216 military units, 42 skills, and 16 medals
  • In addition to more than 100 campaigns, 120 battles with legionaries, 40 challenges, etc.
  • One hundred and seventy-five technologies, including army, navy, air force, missile, nuclear bomb, and space weaponry
  • 16 landmarks and 30 wonders of architecture
  • Challenge yourself to 50 achievements
  • The AI will command your army when you turn on automatic combat
  • World map that can be zoomed in and out
  • Conquest mode supports ranking on Google Games

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