VN Video Editor Mod Apk v2.0.6 (Adfree) Download For Android

VN Mod Apk

VN MOD APK is a powerful and pro-level video editing application. This software allows you to edit videos like a pro, thanks to its extensive features and tools. Beginners and professionals will find the app very useful. The MOD APK unlock and offers some interesting extra options for free.

VN Video Editor Apk

You don’t want your video to be boring, simple, and not appealing. Remember to refresh and leave a lasting impression with the memories, the moments you want to keep in the hearts of your viewers, friends, and family. We recommend that you visit VlogNow, a leading professional video maker.

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VlogNow – VN Video Editor will make your dream of becoming an editor a reality. As an editor on the computer, VN Video Editor will include all the basic features, effects, tools, and sounds. Consequently, VN Video Editor is not only suitable for beginners, but also for professionals who require a convenient, neat, and fast graphics application.

VN Video Editor Apk Features

VN Editor offers a couple of interesting features. We will discuss all the best features in detail here. If you plan to install and use the app, then you need to know what you get in it.

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Multi-Layer Timeline

With the timeline, we can easily edit the video. With the timeline, any video can be edited more easily. In order to edit your video, we can use the multilayer timeline provided by Video Editor. Multi-Layer timelines allow you to add more media such as images, short videos, music, GIFs, and more.

It is easy to adjust and place the media in the right position. The timeline can be zoomed in and out according to your needs. You can drag, drop, cut, paste, delete video clips, and more. This app gives you an amazing editing experience while editing your video on VN App.

Stunning Video Preset and Effects

VN video editor comes with a lot of pre-made video presets that you can play and then import onto your project. It is my favorite feature in this app. You will love this feature if you use it. What can it do for you?

You can see lots of amazing pre-made editing designs and do the same thing with your own video. You can do it very easily. Just download the preset and then the app will ask you which video you want to use. All you have to do is add your video clip, and then the app automatically edits the video.

The video effects are next. Most video editors offer a variety of video effects that you can use on your video. VN Video Editor Pro also includes movie effects and other effects. Check out all the effects and apply them to your video.

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Use Chroma Key [Green Screen]

Video editing using Chroma Key is extremely advanced. In fact, it allows you to remove the video background perfectly. Additionally, you can use green screen videos on your video.

By using Chroma Key, you can make your video transparent by removing all the green parts. You can now add another image or video to this transparent part. You can easily remove the video background this way.

Create Animation by Keyframe

To create a professional video, animation is essential. Now, there are lots of third-party apps available for making animation. With VN Video Editor, you can create pro-level animation directly on your video using powerful keyframes. Using keyframes is the best and easiest way to create stunning animation. Check it out and use it for free.

Customize Music on Video Background & Voice Over

Music customization is another useful feature. Basically, you can only customize a few basic options for sound or music. Changing the volume of the music, cutting, pasting, and splitting. You can then export the music and add it to your main video project.

You can also get a voice-over on this app. Furthermore, You can directly record your voice on your video here. If you are a video content creator, then this option is very useful.

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Stickers and Fonts

In its library, VN Video Editor does not contain a lot of stickers or animated stickers. On the other hand, you can import your stickers into the app and then use them on your project. Emojis are available as stickers in the sticker library.

VN App also allows you to add a subtitle to your video, which is a very basic thing to do. Presets and text fonts give your text a beautiful look.

VN Mod Apk

VN Mod Apk Feature

  • Premium Features
  • Easy To Install VN Mod Apk Feature
  • Ad-Free User Interface
  • Compatible With All Android Devices
  • Root Free

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