Video Locker Pro Apk v2.2.4 [Pro, Mod] – May 2023

Video Locker Pro Apk

Video Locker Pro Apk – Keep videos concealed and secure from inquisitive eyes in Video Locker! – The ultimate Android app for hiding videos.

Video Locker Pro Apk

Videos from your Android video collection can be securely stored in a Video Locker that is only accessible with a secret PIN number.

Key Video Locker features include:

  1. Encryption – not only are concealed films moved to a secret location on your phone, but they are also encrypted using 128-bit AES encryption. Even if someone steals your SD card and copies the secret video files, they cannot access the restricted videos.
  2. Video Locker App will no longer appear in the recent apps’ list.
  3. Lock-on sleep – If you forget to close the Video Locker, the application will lock when your device enters sleep mode.
  4. Folder level locking – lock individual hidden video albums. This permits the display of only one hidden video album without revealing the others.
  5. Tablet-optimized UI – Video Locker’s user interface has also been created with tablets in mind to deliver the best watching experience on Android smartphones and tablets.
  6. PIN recovery – Even if you forget your PIN code, you won’t lose your valuable video files thanks to the optional PIN recovery feature. If you have forgotten your Video Locker’s PIN code, the app will email you the PIN.
  7. User-friendly operation – Easily hide films through the default gallery or Video Locker itself.
  8. Fast bulk hide – Keep safe dozens of films in seconds!
  9. Quickly unhide videos – Unhide films just as easily as you hid them, and choose where the unhidden videos go.

You can access Video Locker Pro via a fully functional Calculator Widget while Stealth Mode is activated. To access your Video Locker, enter your PIN code using the calculator widget and press the number display. This is useful if you want to enable Stealth Mode on a tablet for Video Locker Pro (which has no calling capability).

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Video Locker Pro Apk Premium features:

  1. Stealth Mode – Hide the actual application! The Video Locker App will vanish from the app drawer as if it were never installed on your device. Your private video vault is only accessible through an innocent-looking calculator widget.
  2. Fingerprint log in
  3. Get two applications for the cost of one! Upgrade either Video Locker or Photo Locker to gain access to both applications’ premium features. Both apps must remain installed on the smartphone in order to take advantage of this offer.
  4. advertising-free viewing experience

Simple But Safe Password Setting

This program is referred to as a bank’s safe for people who are unaware. This analogy is appropriate because only you can open it. The application enables the usage of today’s most used security practices. Therefore, you have no difficulty adapting to a new password. Nonetheless, its level of security is not average, so you may rest easy.

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Use The Pin Code And The Intelligent Image.

In particular, the usage of a pin as a password stands out. It allows you to set any four digits to your preference, but don’t be too simplistic. One piece of advice is to avoid putting it according to your or your family’s date of birth, as it is simple to predict. Additionally, the gallery provides you with a photo password. This feature allows users to connect dots on the screen to build a unique shape.

Direct Export And Import Of Data, Without Intermediates

The data source for photographs and videos imported into the gallery comes from your own device. We may access your personal library in particular. All photographs will be captured directly, without the use of an intermediary system. This strengthens the trust that users have in the application. In addition, we will interact directly with your sd card in order to import and export data in a secure manner.

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Emergency Notification If Any Intruder

In addition, the security of the gallery does not end there. It advances to the subsequent level. In addition, we have a few surprises in store for you, so stay tuned. In the event that someone intends to break this application’s terms. The application will send the user an urgent alert message as soon as it is activated. Consequently, you will be able to quickly change your password and authenticate your account for our support.

Unlimited Capacity With Interesting Display

This application does not restrict the quantity of inputted data. This eliminates the need to consider whether or not to include photographs and videos. Not content to stop there, this application also provides an exceedingly intuitive interface. You’ll be able to view thumbnail images directly on large photo albums.

In addition, this location is omitted from the recent application to avoid prying eyes from unrelated individuals. In addition, it immediately returns to the home screen if your device enters sleep mode.

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