Super Mario Run Apk v3.0.26 Unlocked Everything – Dec 2022

Super Mario Run Apk

Super Mario Run Apk – Super Mario Run is a popular action game. This game has millions of downloads worldwide. In this action game, characters collect coins in dangerous situations. It has a lot of tweaks that are sure to kill your boredom.

Super Mario Run introduces 2D-platforming fun to smartphone enthusiasts today. While the game is comparable to other Mario platformers, it has some novel features that set it different.


Super Mario Run Hack APK is not an endless game, unlike the majority of games of its category. New Super Mario Bros.’s art style has evolved as a result of the publication of screenshots. Clearly, it suits the visual aesthetic of the series. Perhaps Nintendo sees it as a fresh installment in the franchise. The most noticeable difference is that it has been modified to accommodate the touch screen controls and display vertically on the mobile device.

The Super Mario Run Cheat APK carefully divides each area into four distinct levels. There are six worlds, each containing 24 levels. Similar to many other games in the same genre, the player’s only responsibility is to touch the screen to make Mario jump. Most levels contain unusual obstacles that hinder Mario’s movement or rarely cause him to spin.

It provides you ample time to leap, allows you to anticipate impediments along the path, and allows you to conduct sophisticated manipulations. Depending on when the screen is touched, Mario will make different jumps. Some of them leap over hurdles and walls to eliminate foes. Since Mario has never stood on a wall in his game, the latter is novel.

APP Information

App Name Super Mario Run
Publisher Nintendo Co., Ltd
Genre Action
MOD Info Unlocked Everything
Get it On Google Play Store
Platform Android
Requirement 4.4 and up
Overall Downloads 100,000,000+

Super Mario Run MOD APK Features

World Travel

Princess Peach must be rescued from Bowser’s grasp using speed and agility.

Explore plains, tunnels, haunted houses, airships, and castles, among other terrains.

To rescue Princess Peach from Bowser, who is waiting in his castle at the conclusion of the 24 challenging courses, you must first clear his palace. There are numerous ways to enjoy the courses, such as collecting the three different colored coins or competing with your friends for the highest score. Free trials of courses 1-1 through 1-4 are available.

After rescuing Princess Peach, the Planet Star nine-course special world will surface.

Remix 10

The shortest Super Mario Run courses you will ever encounter!

This mode is Super Mario Run in small portions. You will play 10 short courses in succession, with the courses varying each time you play. Daisy is missing somewhere in Remix 10, so attempt to pass as many courses as possible to locate her.

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Toad Rally

Demonstrate Mario’s stylish moves, compete with your pals, and challenge people from around the globe.

Each time you play this mode, the competition is different.

As you collect coins and are cheered on by a throng of Toads, compete with other players for the greatest score using stylish techniques. Fill the meter with stylish movements to activate Coin Rush Mode and obtain additional coins. If you win the rally, the celebrating Toads will move inside your kingdom, therefore expanding it.

Kingdom Builder

Collect money and Toads to construct your own kingdom.

Combine various structures and ornaments to construct your own unique kingdom. In Kingdom Builder mode, there are over 100 types of objects. In Toad Rally, the number of possible buildings and decorations will expand as the player collects more Toads. With the assistance of the friendly Toads, you can construct your kingdom gradually.

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Beat the Bosses

When you finish a world’s last level, a boss appears. You must beat the boss before entering the next world. The first boss is Bowser, Mario’s nemesis. You must walk through him to grab the ax on the other side of the bridge and drop Bowser into the lava, as in the classic games. The second boss is Boom Boom. Two head-butts will knock him unconscious. Remember, they’re called bosses for a reason. Make sure your character is well-fed before facing the boss.


Super Mario Run has tons of normal Gold Coins and harder-to-get Challenge Coins. Pink, purple, and black Challenge Coins are on each level. Five pink coins lead to five purple coins, which lead to five black coins. Each pair of coins is harder to find than the last, increasing the challenge.

Unlocked all six worlds

In the standard edition of this game, you must pay real money to unlock all six World Tour Mode worlds. There is unfortunately no other method to unlock these Worlds. This is why we’ve unlocked all six worlds in this game, so you can experience each one without spending a dime.

Unlimited lives

Multiple hard levels in Super Mario Run caused us to lose the game. However, with the aid of lives, we can continue from where we left off.

Unlocked All

You will get unlocked all the purchase items without paying any penny.

Unlimited Money

In this Mod you will get unlimited money. So you can purchase anything in the game

Unlock Loads of Free Stuff with Nintendo Point

You can get unlocked Loads of Free Stuff with Nintendo Point

Super Mario Run Pro/Premium Features

Every hole on the World Tour is playable

Why not tackle the greater challenges and thrills that are accessible on every course?

Easier Access to Rally Tickets

The Rally Tickets required to play Remix 10 and Toad Rally are easier to obtain. You can gather them through Bonus Game Houses and? Blocks in Kingdom Builder, earn colored coins in World Tour, and more.

Additional playable characters

If you rescue Princess Peach by finishing routes 6-4 and construct homes for Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadette in Kingdom Builder mode, you can recruit them as playable characters for your adventures. They play differently than Mario, so why not utilize their unique qualities in World Tour and Toad Rally?

Additional courses in Toad Rally

The number of accessible course types in Toad Rally will increase to seven, hence boosting the enjoyment! In addition to the new recruits, Purple and Yellow Toads may possibly show up to support you.

More structures and embellishments added to Kingdom Builder

You’ll have access to a greater variety of buildings, allowing you to populate your kingdom with even more variety. You can also expand your kingdom by constructing Rainbow Bridges.

Play Remix 10 without requiring a delay

You are able to play Remix 10 without needing to wait between each game.

*Connectivity to the Internet is required to play. Data fees may be applicable. May contain ads.

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