Secret Neighbor Mod Apk [No Verification] – May 2023

Secret Neighbor Mod Apk

Secret Neighbor is a ghost game in which you must rescue your buddies from their neighbors’ basement. However, preserve your distance from the neighbor; else, you will be stuck as well. Secret Neighbor Apk for Android allows you to play the game without verifying your identity.

Neighbor possesses the capacity to transform into a ghost and vanish. He possesses some superpowers, which you must combat.

Secret Neighbor Mobile was developed by Russian developers, and the objective of the game was to delve into your neighbor’s basement and house to discover what secrets he had hired to work on his basement and house.

This game is entirely dependent on AI, with the character moving from house to house to inspect them and their hidden mysteries. The protagonist must complete a series of puzzles to obtain the goods necessary to open the basement easily.

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Secret Neighbor Features


If the character is observed by a neighbor, he can run faster. To escape the neighbor trap, you can pass various items to a neighbor. Once you’ve been caught in the neighbor’s web, it’s rather difficult to escape.

Mode of Amicable Neighbor

If you are not a professional player and wish to avoid your neighbor becoming more aggressive against you. Then, just as with Hello Neighbor 2, you may adjust several game settings to ensure that your neighbor does not become excessively hostile and that you can play the game for an extended period of time and with ease.

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If you’ve been trapped by a neighbor and ended up behind the bars. Now you can escape the cell, but you must employ a variety of different techniques. These strategies include locating the cell’s keys or breaking the jail using heavy equipment or material in order to escape.

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Compatible with Android and iOS

Regardless of the operating system, you’re using, you can play Secret Neighbor Apk on any device. All you need to do is download and install the game’s apk from This apk is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Drive Automobiles

This game allows you to drive a variety of vehicles that are stationed in various locations. You must locate these. Trucks and other automobiles are considered vehicles. All of these features are available when you download the Secret Neighbor Apk from


This game features a variety of characters. Additionally, you can personalize their appearance. It is entirely up to you how you wish to customize the character. The following is a list of the characters you will encounter in the Secret Neighbor game.

Assemble as an Intruder

You can join forces with other players in Secret neighbor apk and play as an intruder attempting to locate the key to the basement while evading detection by the neighbor. When playing as an invader, you can take on a variety of tasks, such as an engineer who creates fascinating gadgets, a bagger who transports children, or a detective who acts as an investigator.

Take on the role of The Neighbor

If you’re looking for something new, you may also play as the neighbor and take on the role of snatching the children and preventing the players from locating them.

AI that is competitive

The AI is quite competitive, which makes the game more challenging to play. When you play along, the AI records your actions and assists the neighbor by altering his behavior in response to your moves, making it more difficult for you to play.

Craft Objects

If you’re playing as invaders and are concerned about AI, this part of the game will benefit you, as you may collect items and use them to create clever inventions. A minimum of ten elements is required to frame an interesting gadget.

Things to Make

If you’re playing as intruders and are concerned about AI, this component of the game will benefit you because it allows you to collect objects and use them to construct creative creations. A cool device must be flanked by a minimum of ten items. Similarly to Total Conquest Offline,


Secret Neighbor apk is the ideal game for anyone who has ever played hide and seek in their youth. It teaches you how to work in a team setting. The game’s AI presents a significant task for your brain to overcome. Therefore, if you’re looking to spend your time playing a high-quality game, this is it.

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