Rough Animator Mod Apk v3.04 [Mod, Pro Unlocked]- May 2023

Rough Animator Mod Apk

Rough Animator MOD APK is a drawing and editing application for video animations. The app allows a plethora of options and settings. This application would be beneficial to users with prior knowledge of similar technologies.

Additionally, you’ll need artistic ability, as not everyone can draw, particularly for the purpose of creating animation. You can learn anything if you have the desire; however, there is one restriction: everything must be in English.


So many video editing applications include a feature for creating cartoons. The ability to animate images is one of Rough Animator’s most distinguishing features. This is a very powerful tool that can quickly transform an uninteresting film into something amazing. Simply drag and drop objects into the animating frame, and the computer will handle the rest.

If you want to create your own film, the RoughAnimator app simplifies the process of creating a rough cut, which is a section with a beginning and an end. This is a fantastic way to get feedback on your video. Simply click on the eyes in the trailer to see a live preview of what your finished film will look like. If you change the colors or add anything to your rough cut, the changes are immediately visible. They will gladly assist you if you encounter any difficulties!

When you first launch RoughAnimation, you’ll see a few required parameters. These include the length of the video, the background color, the type of video card used, and the video quality (if you want to use a lower-quality cut). If you want to customize anything, there is also an options menu accessible from the main menu. This video editing software includes a plethora of built-in features that will simplify your job.


Unlock your cartoon drawing Skill

Players will be able to create cartoon images according to their preferences in RoughAnimator. You have the right to be inventive and create the most remarkable cartoon character images in order to tell an exciting story. This application allows you to express all of your thoughts, and you can also adjust the brightness and color of the image. Additionally, once you’re finished drawing, please color them to your liking.

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Make interesting Anime Video

While creating animation, each character will be flexible and agile, allowing you to create visually appealing videos or animated short films. You can remove animal states or any other object based on a variety of different emotions. This has enhanced the vibrancy and appeal of your image to a large number of users. Utilize your astute painting abilities to create the most stunning works.

Interface That Is Simplicity, Intuitive, And Easy To See

This application features a straightforward, light, and uncomplicated interface that makes it simple to use. Everything in this application is laid out and organized in a way that makes it very interesting and easy for users to see. Due to the manufacturer’s excellent design, this application’s interface has attracted a sizable number of participants. If you’ve never tried it, do so immediately; I guarantee you’ll be delighted.

Export Animations as Gifs Or Sections Of Images

At RoughAnimator, you are completely free to export your novel animations to the most vibrant and fantastic GIF files. Additionally, they can be transformed into irregular floating image sequences. Additionally, you can adjust the resolution of all images to ensure that they appear sharp. Moreover, you should preview your drawings prior to converting them into exciting and engaging animated videos.

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More Features

  • Timeline with unlimited layers and easily adjustable exposure length of individual drawings, for pose-to-pose or straight-ahead, animating
  • Onion skinning
  • Preview playback
  • Scrub along the timeline
  • Import audio for lip-syncing
  • Import video for rotoscoping animation
  • Custom brushes
  • Supports Samsung S-Pen and other pressure-sensitive devices
  • Control framerate and resolution
  • Export animation to Quicktime video, GIF, or image sequence
  • RoughAnimator projects can be imported to Adobe Flash/Animate, After Effects, and Toon Boom Harmony
  • Also available on desktop


– Previews render faster, and it buffers to start playing while still rendering
– Bugfix: audio failed to play sometimes
– Bugfix: fill tool was inaccurate because it sampled based on the low res preview
– Bug fix: crash if playback range went past the end of the timeline

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