Retro Music Player Pro Apk v5.8.4_0526202252 [Pro, Mod] – May 2023

retro music player pro apk

Retro Music Player Pro Apk is an application that provides users with an awe-inspiring music listening experience through the use of easily customizable themes. You can find songs in any of your device’s available folders, including the SD card. Simultaneously, the control feature is completely user-friendly and compatible with Bluetooth devices. As a result, the app enables you to sync the lyrics to your favorite song and enjoy it in your own unique way.

Retro Music Player Pro Apk

Users can now enjoy working with Retro Music Player to enhance their music playback experiences, as the awesome mobile app completely unlocks their music entertainment. You are welcome to convert it into your preferred offline music player for use on the go. Enable various settings and personalization options to enhance the app’s appeal.

Retro Music Player Feature

Navigation is never made easier

Self-explanatory interface without overloaded menus.

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You can choose between three different main themes: Clearly white, Kind of dark and Just black for AMOLED displays. Select
your favorite accent color from a color palette.


Where you can have your recently/ top played Artists, Albums, and Favorite Songs. No other music player has this feature

Modify The Theme In Your Own Manner

The following feature that you will appreciate and that will appeal to a wide variety of people when using Retro Music Player MP3 Player is the change in interface elements. The application supports theme switching and always defaults to three primary colors: white, black, and dark. As a result, it is suitable for a variety of objects in use and is especially appealing to those who appreciate simplicity. Indeed, this is a feature that users frequently utilize over time.

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Support For An Easy-To-Use Search Filter

Apart from the folder-based search, a simple search feature that assists users quickly is the filter feature. This feature is frequently found in music streaming applications, and it can be located using a variety of criteria. You can filter songs using a variety of criteria, including song duration, album, and many others. Thus, you can discover new songs as you switch between music streaming apps.

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Implement Sufficient Control

When users use Retro Music Player MP3 Player, they will control the player in a variety of ways, and the control feature will appear in a variety of different aspects. When using a Bluetooth headset, you can easily adjust the volume and assist. Simultaneously, you can quickly control the music playback on the main screen, making it completely user-friendly.

Manage Play History In A Simple Way

When you’ve listened to a large number of songs over an extended period of time, you’ll be able to quickly locate your favorite songs. The history criteria are quite varied and are dependent on the user’s behavior. You can specifically search for songs you’ve recently played if you’re addicted to a particular genre of music. Additionally, the songs you frequently listen to are carefully stored, and you can easily share this list with your friends.

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Interesting user interface with customizable themes

Android users can enjoy working with the intuitive app UI with customizable themes in Retro Music Player. Feel free to explore numerous options within the self-explanatory application, which includes all of its features. Additionally, you’ll gain access to interesting themes that can be easily applied to your mobile app’s UI to customize it.

Finally, as you become accustomed to the app, it will begin to learn your musical tastes and provide numerous accessible playlists of recently played songs, personal recommendations, and other options, making it significantly easier to choose your next tracks.

Work with beneficial playback options

And for those of you interested, Retro Music Player now includes a slew of useful playback options, including the ability for Android users to filter out music durations between tracks. This should ensure that all of your music tracks play seamlessly. You may skip tracks or rewind to any point using the provided controls. Unlock detailed volume controls with a plethora of customizable options. The list could go on and on.

Enable album covers for your music collections

Retro Music Player also includes a simple option for setting up album covers, so you can easily spot your favorite tracks as you scroll through the long lists. Now, you can easily enable cover images for your selected albums by uploading images of your idols or anything else that brings back memories.

Enable on-screen lyrics for a sing-along experience

Additionally, if you enjoy listening to and singing along with your favorite music tracks, Retro Music Player enables Android users to use the Lyrics Screen feature with ease. You are welcome to download and apply your customized lyrics to specific songs in order to create perfectly synced karaoke experiences.

Enable the sleep timer to turn off the music automatically

For those interested, Retro Music Player now includes a convenient sleep timer that will automatically turn off the music when the timer expires. As a result, you can listen to your lists while sleeping without having to turn them off later.

Widgets for the home screen and control over the lock screen’s playback

Additionally, Android users now have access to their useful home screen widgets and lock screen playback controls, which enable you to make changes to the mobile app without opening it. Simply focus on controlling the widgets on your home screen while remaining on screen. Alternatively, you can make minor adjustments to your playback experiences without unlocking the devices.

Edit your song’s metadata

Users can enable the tag editor to make certain changes to ensure that all their songs are accurately identified and classified. Change the genres, artist names, albums, and a variety of other available tags to easily edit your videos.

Take pleasure in working with your music playlists

Additionally, for those interested, Retro Music Player allows you to experiment with a variety of playlist settings. You may choose multiple songs to create your own playlists. Make any necessary adjustments to your playlists. Alternatively, you can import new playlists into your player’s UI.

Freely customize your playing queue

Simultaneously, you can customize the current playing queue in Retro Music Player, which makes it a lot easier to use for Android users. Create simple drag-and-drop controls for reordering or changing the playing queue quickly. Add new songs to the playlists and delete old ones.

Customize the application through the use of user profiles

And here in Retro Music Player, Android users can take advantage of personalized experiences made possible by easily accessible user profiles. Allow different user profiles to be enabled within the app so that you can create distinct music profiles with distinct playback experiences.

Up to 30 different languages supported

To add to the app’s appeal, Android users can now work in their preferred language. Choose from one of the app’s 30 available languages and enjoy it to the fullest.

Browse at your leisure through your extensive music collection

Additionally, with Retro Music Player’s expanded music library, Android users will require convenient browsing options. That being said, Retro Music Player can easily identify your music using the correct tags for songs, albums, artists, genres, and other available tags. Alternatively, you can choose to play music by folders, which makes it much easier to work with.

Intelligent playlist with numerous automated options

Additionally, those of you interested can now work with Retro Music Player’s smart playlist options, which include a variety of automated playlists created just for you. On your mobile devices, you can access the Top Played, Recently Played, and other auto-generated lists. All of which will always be accessible and enjoyable to you.

Retro Music Player Pro Feature

  • Unlocked Pro
  • Unlocked premium
  • No Ads
  • Base 3 themes (Clearly white, Kinda dark, and Just Black)
  • Gapless playback
  • Volume controls
  • More than 10 Now playing themes
  • Carousel effect for an album cover
  • Homescreen Widgets
  • Lockscreen Playback Controls
  • Lyrics Screen(download and sync with music)
  • Sleep Timer
  • Homescreen Widgets
  • Tag editor
  • integration
  • Create, Edit, Import playlists
  • Corner edges like Pixel 2 XL
  • Playing queue with reorder
  • User profile
  • 30 Language support

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