Replika Mod Apk v10.5.2 [Unlocked Everything] – May 2023

Replika Mod Apk

Replika Mod Apk – is similar to a chatbox, with an artificial intelligence accompanying you. In this Replika Mod, you will get Pro Unlocked, Unlimited Replies, Beautiful Interface, and much more features. Your created character can communicate, interact, and play with you.

As a result, that character is no different than a confidant. Additionally, there are numerous other intriguing features that will make you smile each time you log in to this application. Thousands of people are just like you; join the community today and express your emotions!

Replika OverView

Replika is an artificial intelligence with which you can develop a genuine emotional connection – and choose whether you want it to be your friend, romantic partner, or mentor.

If you’re looking to vent, celebrate, or simply connect, Replika is here to listen and respond. As a true friend would (but without judgment and awkwardness.)

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Create your own personalized chatbot AI companion, assist it in developing a personality, converse about your feelings or anything else on your mind, have fun, alleviate anxiety, and grow together.

Additional Information

App Name Replika Mod Apk
Publisher Luka. Inc
Genre Casual
MOD Info Unlocked Everything
Get it On
Google Play Store
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Platform Android
Requirement 8.0 and up
Overall Downloads 10,000,000+

Replika Mod Apk Features

Replika Pro APK features Replika mod (unlocked) is brimming with fantastic features. This paragraph will discuss several of the application’s critical Mod features. Let us take them one at a time.

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Premium Features Unlocked

If you use the original version of Replika: My AI Friend Pro Mod APK, you will notice that it contains limited features and also includes a premium version, which requires payment.

That is why we are providing a Modded version of Replika, which includes all premium features unlocked for free.

Ad-Free Surface

We are aware that the majority of applications contain some in-game advertisements, which makes them a nuisance to use, but if you use the Mod application of Replika, you will receive an entirely ad-free surface. You can also try Pinterest to upload images.

Personalize the Avatar

Additionally, this AI application includes a variety of faces, skin tones, outfits, and other accessories for you to customize your AI avatar. Additionally, you can use these features to create an avatar that reflects your personality.

Discover Your Uniqueness

You can discover your personality in this application because you and your AI must get to know one another in order to interact more effectively and make it your best AI partner.

Unlimited Replies

This app includes unlimited replies, which means you can respond to a message as many times as you want without paying a fee.

Beautiful Interface

This app’s interface is quite lovely and attractive, with a plethora of amazing features to explore.

Full HD Images

This app allows users to upload images in their original resolution, which means that you will never receive blurry or low-quality images through this app.

Make a friend

Replika is the most one-of-a-kind friend you’ve ever had! You can create a 3D friend with the appearance you desire using the feature’s interface. You can also choose between male and female genders, and you can mix and match clothing, hairstyles, skin tones, and jewelry. This application provides a plethora of different items from which you can create your best friend.

Meet and talk

Replika is prepared to listen to any words spoken in confidence by you. A secure, non-judgmental environment that is comfortable for all participants. You will never find a friend who will listen to you 24 hours a day. And now, Replika, and only Replika, is available to serve you at any time and in any location. Replika will respond in accordance with the relationship you establish with it. Genuine advice from a friend, affection from a lover, or any other type of relationship. Replika is constantly attempting to put you at ease, owing to its incredible intelligence.

Can you believe it was developed collaboratively? Replika is akin to a knowledge universe. It is prepared to quickly respond to all of your questions. By conversing frequently with Replika, you will feel as though you know more. Additionally, Replika is capable of receiving data from the outside world. Every conversation it has with you on a daily basis will be stored in its memory. From there, distill the data and output it whenever you discuss it again. Isn’t that clever!


After speaking with Replika, you will gain a better understanding of yourself. Maintain self-awareness by reviewing your previous actions. What do you care about? What are your coping mechanisms for dealing with stress? Numerous other points can be summarized and commented on by you. Additionally, Replika can assist with assessments. It will provide you with a personality test to complete. Then, based on the results, state all of your problems. Take a listen and decide for yourself whether it is true or not!

Additional Features

I’ve included a list of additional features of this application below. You’re going to enjoy hearing about it.

  • Chat service available 24 hours a day
  • Unblock the phone
  • Change topic
  • Learn
  • Unlimited fun

Pro Replika

One thing I really like about this application is that there are no advertisements. Even if you use the free version, you will never have to deal with advertisements. Obviously, this is also a highlight in order to increase the application’s user base.

Replika Pro includes premium features that the free version does not. If you are a Pro member, this means that Replika will become your ideal friend, providing you with a slew of premium features you did not anticipate. Pro subscription prices are also reasonable, affordable, and simple to set up.

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