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In punch hero mod apk, you will get 2 Arcade and Zombie modes. Changing the battle environment is possible at any time. A diverse Shop system allows players to upgrade their characters more easily. All excellent boxers can participate in major tournaments. Globally, there are many competitors from different countries.

Punch Hero

It is still possible to play Punch Hero even after all these years. Punch Hero is a great game produced and released by GAMEVIL.

You probably remember Punch-Out – the infamous boxing game from the 80s if you used to be an adolescent with a Nintendo gaming system back then. Punch Hero, from Gamevil, has a different mobile version, but not much has changed from the original game 30 years ago except for the 3D graphics. Eye-catching and exciting new gameplay.

Unlike most games, Punch Hero has no story and no plot. In the arcade mode, you simply name your character and begin playing. 18 opponents await the player in this mode. Boxers, soccer players, even boxers may be involved. The player will have to recognize and exploit each opponent’s weaknesses in order to fight back. if you are truly love the fighting games you should try Injustice 2 Mod Apk.


Our Training Center will improve your strength, hook punches and uppercuts while the Skill Store will enhance your skillset with special moves and moves that can be applied across a variety of situations. Punch Hero is a highly addictive game with fun 3D graphics. For those who have accidentally touched the game, it can present a challenging challenge.


Simple Gameplay

Punch Hero requires you to beat 22 opponents. Each of them has a different set of strengths and weaknesses. To beat them, you need to identify their weak spots. It is necessary to have excellent boxing skills.

Your defensive and offensive skills determine the outcome of the match. Gold rewards can be yours if you win. The gold can also be used to purchase new skills, customs, and training before the match. It is inevitable that if you are good enough, your level will rise with more skills, customs, and more vigorous opponents.

User-friendly Developing

Punch Hero is known for its user-friendly design. Even kids can play without difficulty since it is so easy to control. Children should not play this game because of its violence.

In Punch Hero, all you have to do to make hocks is swipe left, tap for jabs, and swipe upwards for an uppercut. Press the screens for a few seconds if you want to put up the guard.

Enjoy the Real Boxing

You will see that this game simulates boxing techniques quite well if you pay attention. You’ll love how developers slow down when you dodge a punch. Sometimes levelling up quickly isn’t straightforward because you have to master certain skills first.

In addition, you will also learn specialized boxing terms through this game. This game’s description, sounds, and actions are all authentic except for some strange opponents. As a result, boxing lovers will find it to be best.

Game Mode

There are two modes in Punch Hero: single-player and two-player. Wifi and internet are not required for the single-player. During offline play, the system counts your battle result. A different fighter will compete against you in the single-player mode.

Later, the boxers’ indices are more considerable than the player’s to increase the difficulty of the game. In addition, it forces the player to develop some tactics.

Visual and Sound Quality

Graphics Design

Unlike monuments such as Infinity Blade and Dungeon Defenders, Punch Hero graphics are only average; nevertheless, they are better than fare. Punch Hero will not disappoint if you love the graphics in Gamevil games.

There are hundreds of different characters in the game, which is the only highlight of the graphics design. Punch Hero is a boxing game where your opponents are not necessarily boxers. The developer team designed hundreds of different characters with funny identifying characteristics.

Sound Effects

The manufacturers also take care of the audio system. Its soundtrack is excellent, for example, and when the opponent hits, she screams.

A sound effect must be the most important feature of Punch Hero. We also like the sound effect in this game. They are all done with great attention to detail and with a lot of creativity.

Features in Punch Hero MOD Money (Unlimited Star, Gold)

  • There are 2 modes, Arcade and Zombie. You can change the battle environment at any time.
  • Diverse Shop system helps players to upgrade characters easier.
  • There are enough major tournaments for all excellent boxers.
  • Competitors present worldwide from many different countries.


Punch Hero offers endless boxing action and many game modes. If you enjoy boxing games but there are few that have representation in the game industry, why not try Punch Hero? It might be enough to have zombies as enemies for the game.

Punch Hero generates laughter with the nuances and effects of the characters’ faces. There is a notable difference between the genres of violent and intense boxing games. To play, you don’t need a stable configuration. Almost any mid-range phone can be used to play this game. There is currently an Android and an iOS version of the game.


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