FR LEGENDS MOD Apk v0.3.2 (Unlimited Money) Download For Android

Download FR LEGENDS MOD Apk, and you will get Unlimited Money which helps you to purchase cars and other things in the game.


FR Legends will provide a refreshing and enjoyable in-game experience for those of you who are interested in the racing aspects of the game as well as the intuitive customizations you can make to your cars. That said, you can now explore your favorite racing gameplay, while at the same time experimenting with the awesome customizable elements.

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Legendary racers in FR Legends have a level that is not found in other riders. Game difficulty does not come from speeding or difficult terrain. It can be challenging for players to overcome the folding bends. Rather than finishing at high speed, start with a new driving mode. To keep cars moving in the not too wide lane, you need more dexterity. When riding in a car, do not forget to bring personal protective equipment.



FR Legends’ game screen has no controls. Accelerate the car by touching the right side of the screen. The lower-left corner of the screen is the brake, and above it is the handbrake. Other controls include tilting the device and using a virtual steering wheel. In Settings, you can change the controls.

Moreover, you can customize the view of the driver by touching the camera icon on the screen. The view from the cockpit, when combined with the actual physical system of the game, gives me the feeling of driving a real car.

Chase Run – Lead Run

In practice mode, you can drive without rules or pressure. Get acquainted with the track, the control system, and practice your drift skills here. In addition, you can challenge yourself in Solo Run mode. Show off your spectacular drifting skills and set your own score record.

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The game requires that you always follow the Lead car if you are playing the role of Chase. However, you are not permitted to overtake and collide with a Lead car. The green circle on the rear of the Lead car indicates were to follow this car. You need to predict well the movement of the Lead car in order to keep a safe distance. The car with the most points after two laps will win.

Custom engine, interior

In FR Legends, players can customize their cars in detail. Furthermore, you can choose your preferred paint color and customize and upgrade your car boxes, brakes, steering wheel, shock absorbers, engines, and wheels. That’s awesome! Besides becoming a top racer with excellent drift skills, the game also helped me become an expert on car engines and interiors.

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Unlock new cars

FR Legends is not just about training the skills of a superior driver, but also about collecting supercars. At present, the game has dozens of cars modeled after famous brands. Drifting with your favorite cars is a lot of fun. TWIN TURBO will update more cars in future versions.

A supercar costs more than $20,000, so they are not cheap. It takes a long time to accumulate enough money. Apart from that, your cars may be damaged and need to be repaired after a few races. If you don’t repair it, it may not work as you expected.


Although FR Legends has realistic physics, its graphics are not very detailed and sharp. You feel as if you are sitting in a car as you make a drift. Since the graphics are not too high, the game runs well on many devices. With Android 4.1+ you can use a midrange phone.

Intuitive and customizable touch controls

FR Legends gamers will soon become familiar with touch controls with the in-game action offered in the game. With multiple control options, the game allows Android gamers to quickly and effectively become familiar with the races. You can select between tilt controls for immersive racing experiences, gesture controls for intuitive racing experiences, and classic touch controls for precision.

Have fun with your rides in multiple modes

Gamers in FR Legends can also use their rides in a variety of different game modes to make the game more interesting. To learn new drifting skills as well as to experiment with your new changes, you can join your Tutorial and Practice rides. You can fully immerse yourself in your own riding experience with the solo run. Alternately, you can battle other AI racers in the awesome battle and attack mode. You can now enjoy the exciting championship with incredible racing experiences.

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FR LEGENDS Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited Money

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