Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Mod Apk v5.8.1 [Mod, Premium] -May 2023

Dokkan Battle Mod Apk

Dokkan Battle Mod Apk – One of the best DRAGON BALL mobile game experiences available. This Dragon Ball anime action puzzle game contains magnificent 2D drawn images and animations set in a DRAGON BALL world where the timeline has been thrown into turmoil, where DB characters from the past and present face off in fresh and exciting conflicts! Experience the new story and help DRAGON BALL save the planet!

Dokkan Battle Mod Apk

DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE simplifies the anime action genre. Epic anime-like fights have easy, addictive gameplay. Link Ki spheres to attack enemies. Play at your own leisure, it’s the perfect DB game to play anywhere. Send foes flying with Super Attacks like Super Saiyan Goku’s Kamehameha when you’re ready.

All of your favorite characters from your beloved DRAGON BALL anime series are included. From DBZ to DBS, everyone’s favorite Saiyan, Goku, and his companions are prepared to fight Frieza, Cell, Beerus, Jiren, and others! Summon your favorite Dungeons & Dragons characters to form the ultimate dream team(s)! Train and awaken DB characters to increase their power!

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Simple Addicting Gameplay

  • Offering a novel approach to the action-puzzle game genre
  • Tap and connect Ki Spheres to attack, and activate Dokkan Mode to vanquish adversaries!
  • Play at your own pace; preparing your fighting strategy is of utmost importance

Finish Foes With Super Attacks

  • Accumulate sufficient Ki Spheres to activate Super Attacks in accordance with the anime
  • All of your favorites are included from Goku’s legendary Kamehameha to Vegeta’s Final Flash.
  • Experience them all with magnificent 2D animations and visuals

These Are Your Favorite Dragon Ball Characters

  • From DBZ to DBS, numerous popular DB characters can be found.
  • Summon new and classic characters from the popular anime series, including Super – Saiyan God SS Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Frieza, Cell, Beerus, and Jiren, among others.

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Create Your Team Of Strong Warriors

  • Form your DRAGON BALL team as the most formidable combat force!
  • Awaken your favorite Dungeons & Dragons characters to new realms of power!

A New Dragon Ball Story

  • Restore order to the DRAGON BALL chronology
  • Use your favorite Dragon Ball characters to traverse a board-game-style map and experience a brand-new story!
  • Experience rewrote tales using new and old DB characters

Heroes of Dragon Ball Z

Nearly every beloved character from the original Manga and Anime series appears here. Not just that, but also the baddies! Choose from a number of character classes, including Androids, Saiyans, Humans, and Gods! What else could one ask for? Additionally, they provide character specials, which are enhanced versions of a character.

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Unique Gameplay

Upon hearing Dragon Ball Z, you automatically think of combat, correct? In this game, though, that is not the whole tale. Instead, you receive a puzzle game that relies solely on your intelligence! It’s not often that you get to play this, so take advantage while you can!

Different game modes

In addition to its distinctive gameplay, DBZ Dokkan offers a number of game variants. You can play both the game’s story mode and special events for additional rewards. Thus, you will not become easily bored!

Contend with other players

As this is an online game, you can compete against gamers from all around the world! Conquer the rankings with your card collection and crush your adversaries. It’s a terrifyingly violent world out there.

Action scenes

As this is DBZ, there are still instances of action and combat. Each time it is your turn to attack, your character executes the attack with incredible animation.

New map and figures

With the extensive geography, the game mode was established in numerous areas. The location of the decisive battle might be anyplace. The arrival of Trunks as a hero heightens the drama of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. The disorder of the history allowing Songoku to encounter so many individuals is akin to an exciting reunion.

Character enhancement

Additionally, the item makes you stronger by raising the stat. Don’t forget to utilize them effectively for maximum benefit. In addition, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is always evolving to provide the finest possible experience. In addition to skills, ensure that your character enters combat in the greatest possible shape.

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MOD features

  1. God Mode
  2. High Damage
  3. One hit kill
  4. Dice = 1
  5. Menu mod
  6. Dmg Multiple
  7. Dice Always 1 2 3

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