Aodnotify Pro Apk – Notification light [Premium Unlocked] – Dec 2022

Aodnotify Pro Apk

Aodnotify Pro Apk enables users to directly interact with and customize the device’s LED lights and Always-on Display mechanism for the new generation of smartphones. Not only that but all of its customizations are painstakingly detailed, promising to constantly reveal new possibilities for users to have the best possible experience. Additionally, it features sophisticated and modern grid lighting, which ensures that the device is always attractive in AoD mode.

Aodnotify Pro Apk Overview

For many people today, Notification Light is probably a strange application. This is a general application for various types of lamps, most notably LEDs. Users can now easily control their home lights via this application. This application is currently being developed specifically for Samsung’s latest smartphones. Alternatively, you can install it on a variety of other mobile brands. Although the age is still quite young, the allure and allure are still quite low. However, we are confident that this cutting-edge technology will gain enough traction in the near future to become a ubiquitous app in everyday life.┬áTry Internet Optimizer Pro Apk.

Additional Information

App Name Aodnotify Pro Apk
Publisher Jawomo
Genre Tools
MOD Info Unlocked Premium
Get it On Google Play Store
Platform Android
Requirement 8.0 and up
Overall Downloads 1,000,000+

Aodnotify Pro Apk Features

Configure Device With A New Aod Light And Blink Mode

Many users frequently put their device into AoD mode while working, which helps them stay aware of the message, system, and app notifications. As a result, aodNotify will introduce a slew of innovative features that will enable users to dive deep into the customization of AoD for devices with an infinite number of styles and creative modes.

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A Variety Of Customizations Are Available For AodLight Colors

Customizing the AoD in the app also entails changing the device’s overall color scheme, including the color of the grid line, to enhance its beauty. This also involves numerous issues and can be expanded indefinitely in response to significant user changes in the system toward AoD mode. Use ApowerMirror Mod Apk.

Personalize Notification Systems Using Aod Mode

Notifications from apps, messages, and the system can be distracting for users, and aodNotify will add a feature that allows users to customize their notifications. Naturally, specific messages may be recognized based on the AoD’s blinking mode or on certain silent or signal messages from the system.

Fortunately, all of these notifications are only triggered when the user enters a specific state on the device, indicating that everything is active and running in the background.

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The Led Modes Can Be Changed Depending On The Device States

The system’s advantage is that the user can quickly switch between various LED brightness modes by activating the feature via the notification bar.

Additionally, the LED light mode can be customized based on the battery charging status, incoming calls, and messages, allowing users to easily customize and create new beauties for the device.

Perfect Optimization For Reduced Battery Consume

Many users do not activate the AoD function due to the variable battery drain, but aodNotify comes pre-optimized and thoroughly optimized. The battery consumption of the system varies depending on whether it is inactive LED or AoD mode, ensuring that users can use the device for an extended period of time.

Additionally, they can alter the battery consumption of each function, but at the expense of the brightness or prominence that AoD emits while in sleep mode.

Daily-use battery

Perhaps the battery is the primary source of concern when it comes to the Notification Light. We make certain that we always deliver the best features and the highest-quality batteries. We always strive for user satisfaction as a criterion.

Thus, regardless of the feature or tool, we always bring the best, the most unique, to everyone. Each type of temple will consume a different amount of battery power. The LED light consumes 3.0 percent of the battery, while the LED & ECO ANIMATION consumes 1.5 percent. Previewing the notification consumes about 0.5 percent of the battery.

In particular, if you don’t have the app’s notification light enabled, it consumes almost no battery. The examples above demonstrate how good our battery is and why you should use this app.

Notes on the Necessary

Samsung models may in the future disable the Notification Light at any time. As a result, we are attempting to develop apps for a variety of different platforms, most notably iOS, as this is one of the most widely used phone platforms today.

Before updating your software, users must carefully verify that it is compatible with their phone model. Notable is the fact that it never encountered any significant issues while in use. This means that our system is always reliable and of high quality. It is critical to remember not to leave the notification light or the LED on continuously for an extended period of time.

As it has a direct effect on the application’s quality, it quickly depletes the battery’s capacity. As a result, its life expectancy will be significantly reduced. Alternatively, utilize this application to its full potential. We appreciate the users’ support.


  1. Notification light / LED for Samsung Galaxy S22 / S21, Note 20, S20, S10, Note 20, A52, and others!
  2. Low energy notification preview (android 10+)
  3. Activate Always On Display (AOD) only on notifications
  4. Charging / Low battery light / LED


  1. Get notified without notification sound!
  2. Notification light styles (around the camera, screen, LED dot)
  3. Custom app/contact colors
  4. ECO animations to save battery
  5. Interval mode (on/off) to save battery
  6. Night times to save battery
  7. Minimal battery consumption


  1. LED – 3.0%
  2. LED & INTERVAL – 1.5%
  4. LED & ECO ANIMATION – 1.5%

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